The Best of Raja Rao  -  Katha Classics

The Best of Raja Rao - Katha Classics

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Author: Raja Rao
Editor(s): Makarand Paranjape
Publisher: Katha
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 194
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185586810


Published to mark his 90th birthday, this Katha Classic has been put together by Makarand Paranjape and offers the choicest sampling of Raja Rao's works ranging from short stories and extracts of novels to nonfiction, richly invested with his understanding of history, politics, and philosophy.

Raja Rao is one of the greatest Indian writers in English and a major figure in twentieth century literature. An iconoclast, he has used language, form and content in innovative ways over the past sixty years, producing an enduring body of texts.

Raja Rao has brought to Indian fiction ... an epic breadth of vision, a metaphysical rigor and depth of thought, a symbolic richness, a lyrical fervor and an essential Indianness' of style.

Raja Rao is perhaps the most brilliant and certainly the most interesting writer of modern India. --- New York Times Book Review





Foreword to Kanthapura



India - a Fable

The Serpent and the Rope

The Policeman and the Rose

The Cat and Shakespeare

The Writer and the Word

Comrade Kirillov

The Chessmaster and His Moves

Bhim, the Parrot

Ranchoddoss and his Daughter, Sudha

On Understanding

Words of Acceptance

The Silence of Mahatma Gandhi