I Can't Help Blossoming

I Can't Help Blossoming

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Author: Ayyappa Paniker
Publisher: Current Books
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 187
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812401180X


Blending the real and the imaginative with exquisite care and novelty I can’t help blossoming is unique in its simplicity. It treads paths that are hitherto unexplored, dramatizes the ordinary, senses the imminent and in the process often touches those rarefied heights of pure pleasure. There is a disarming frankness and freshness of approach, with images that constantly surprise and linger.

This is a poem which goes far beyond irony, and wit-the wit critics have extolled when speaking of Paniker’s poetry. The simultaneity of experience is a feature which holds a strong attraction for the poet, as in the above poem, and it becomes easy to see how he can leave the reader inside the deeper meaning that exists beyond the seeming simplicity of his lines. And how easily, how safely he can be, in his embrace of life on earth.


A light has gone
A picture that was not in the album
A textual variant
Aren’t you (merely) a man?
Lady Cadenabbia
Do you hear me, Prabhakar?
How well have I forgotten!
I can’t help blossoming
It makes me happy
Life transformed
Jet lag
Holiday whispers: the Rahu Phase
Holiday whispers: the Jupiter phase
O mother benign and ferocious
Old age benefits
On my death-bed, waiting for your
Paruvamma and Parameswarayyer
Reading habits
Ready-made ashes
Retrospective effect
So scholars say
Role transformations of Krishna and Balabhadra
Stephen Spender
Thathagata’s self-recognition
The boy who could not dream
The chain story of isolation
The death anniversary
The earth keeps rolling
The fringe of the sari
The guest
The hornbill
The lay of the anklet
The prison
The soul’s curse
The tale of the tale
The throne
The year of the pig
Where the mind
Whose pain?
World Malayali
Yaksha’s consort