Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam  -  DVD in HINDI

Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam - DVD in HINDI

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Author: Guru Dutt
Abrar Alvi/Hemant Kumar
Artiste: Guru Dutt / Abrar Alvi / Hemant Kumar
Publisher: Ultra
Year: 2004
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD u175


Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam is a story set in Bengal at the turn of the 20th century. It is a story of a Zamindar family who live in the Badi Haveli, owned by two brothers, Badi Babu and Chhote Babu. Wine flows freely in their house and the brothers prefer the tinkling anklets of courtesans to the endearing smiles of their wives.

However, Chhote Babu’s wife (Meena Kumari) cannot reconcile herself to the hedonistic habits of her spouse, and she rises in revolt. At this juncture of the lives of the Bade Haveli residents, comes Bhootnath (Guru Dutt), a village simpleton, who finds job at the Mohini Sindooor factory as a clerk. Bhootnath soon strikes a warm relationship with Jaba (Waheeeda Rehman), the factory owner’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Chhoti Bahu reads that applying Mohini Sindoor will bring her errant husband back. She sends for Bhoothnath and asks him to get her some sindoor. In an effort to bringing her errant husband back, Chhoti Bahu sets an example of self-sacrifice that leaves everyone at the Badi Haveli in astonishment Watch this balck-and-white classic as it reaches a stunning climax.


GURU DUTT: Films Private Limited Presents-Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
ARTISTE: Meena Kumari, Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman
DIRECTED BY: Abrar alvi
MUSIC: Hemant Kumar


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