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Daily DUA

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Author: Hadith
Publisher: Goodword Books
Year: 2009
Language: multilingual
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178984466


This book contains masnun duas or the duas which were taught by the prophet Muhammad. Dua is a noble form of dhikr or remembrance of Allah. By learning these duas and reciting them at the appropriate occasions, our every action is turned into ibadah. Our every action is turned into ibadah. Our sleeping, eating, drinking, dressing, etc, all assume the form of ibadah.

Constant and conscious recital of the various duas at their appropriate time fixes the remembrance of Allah in the hearts. These duas of the Prophet draw the faithful closer to his Creator. Therefore it is of absolute necessity that all Muslims learn and recite the various duas. Felicity and success will be the result, insha Allah.



Kalimah Tayyibah
Kalimah Shahadah
Kalimah Tamjid
Kalimah Tawhid
Kalimah Radd al-Kufr
Iman Mujmal
Iman Mufasal
Adhan (Fajr)
Replying to Adhan and Iqamah
Dua after adhan
Dua after Adhan
Dua when Entering a Mosque
Dua after Leaving a Mosque
Dua for Wudu
Dua after Wudu
Dua al-Istiftah
Tashahhud (Hanafi/Shafi’i)
Darud Ibrahim
Dua (Hanafi/Shafi’i)
Dua after Salam
Dua Qunut (Hanafi/Shafi’i)
Dua before Sleeping
Dua after Waking up
Dua before Entering the Toilet
Dua after Leaving the Toilt
Dua on Sighting the New Moon
Dua before Eating
Dua after Eating
Dua when Eating Elsewhere
Dua after Boarding a Vehicle
Dua for Fasting
Dua for Breaking a Fast
Dua for Laylat al-Qadr
Dua when Sneezing
Dua for one who hears Somebody Sneezing
Reply of the Sneezer
Dua when a Loss Occurs
Dua after Drinking Water
Dua when Looking into a Mirror
Dua when Wearing a new Garment
Dua for Morning and Evening
Dua after drinking milk
Dua on Hearing a Good News
Meeting a Muslim
Reply to a Muslim’s Greeting
Dua said for one you have Insulted
Expressing one’s Love to Another
Reply to one who Expresses his Love
When in Bodily Pain
When in Fever
When Intending to do Something
Dua before Zabah (Slaughtering)
After completing the Zabah
Dua when Entering Home
Dua when leaving Home
When Going to the market-place
Dua for Aqiqah
When a Dog Barks
Dua before going to Bed
When Things are in one’s Favour
When one Sees or Experiences an Evil Thing
When a Fire Breaks Out
When an Evil thought comes to Mind
On Seeing a Person in Difficulty say to oneself
At the time of Sunset
When one leaves any Meeting Place
On Bidding Someone Farewell
Dua at the time of a Journey
After Beginning a Journey
On Returning from a Journey
At the time of Distress
At the time of Drought
When the first Fruit of the Season is Presented
At the time of Rainfall
When there is an Excessive Downpour
When one Hears Thunder
When one’s Gaze falls on the Moon
When one is in Difficulty
On becoming Angry
Sunnahs to follow when Angry
When breaking Fast at Someone’s House
When any Need Arises
Dua for Increasing Knowledge
When a person Passes away
Dua at the time of Death
Dua Janazah
For a Boy
For a Girl
When laying the Deceased to Rest in the Qabr (Grave)
When Filling the Qabr with Soil
Dua when entering the Graveyard
When offering Condolence for the Death of Someone
Dua for I’sal-i-Thawab
Some Model Duas
Dua for Istikharah
The Niyyah
For Wudu
For Ghusi
For Tayammum
For Salah
For Salt al-Janazah