Buddhist Thought and Culture

Buddhist Thought and Culture

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Author: S R Bhatt
Editor(s): S R Bhatt
Publisher: Originals
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 454
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188629308


India and Japan have very old cultural contacts. Many travelers and scholars have contributed immensely to this living tradition between the two countries. Among these names Professor Hajime Nakamura and Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore in contemporary times come to the forefront. Nakamura was an outstanding thinker and interpreter of Indian culture. He was a scholar of international repute and a recipient of many prestigious awards in Japan and India apart from several other countries of the world. He was a great friend of India and an ardent admirer of Indian culture. He was closely associated with Dr S Radhakrishnan, the late President of Republic of India, who had profuse admitation for him.

In the words of Dr K R Narayanan, another former President of the republic of India, Nakamura was well known in India as one of the outstanding and eminent scholars, and true friend of our country.

The central axis of Nakamura’s scholarship was Indian which he studied and expounded with remarkable depth and compression, and with admirable width and breadth of philosophical perspectives. He was proud of his association with Indian culture and he declared this in unequivocal terms.

The present Volume is an outcome of Indo-Japan International Seminar in the form of a befitting tribute and discharge of Guru rna to the late Nakamura. The papers included here reflect his astounding scholarship in all systems of philosophical thoughts of classical and modern India. It is hoped that this Volume would significantly contribute to better understanding not only of Indian philosophical systems but also of the rise and spread of Buddhism in Japan.




1 Buddhism in India and Japan: S R Bhatt
2 Sharing the Aisles of the Future: Lokesh Chandra
3 India and Japan-Discovering Each Other: Sushila Narsimhan
4 Bodhisena, the Brahman Bishop, and Professor Hajime Nakamura: Saroj Kumar Chaudhuri
5 Orthopraxis in Japanese Religious Tradition: Bijayananda Kar
6 Zen Aesthetics as reflected in Muromachi Japan’s Suiboku-ga : Anu Jindal
7 The Characteristics of Korean Buddhism: Geo-lyong Lee
8 Is Avisamvadaktva Inconsistent to Ksanikatva? : Raghunath Ghosh
9 My Maitreya Buddha, The Late Professor Hajime Nakamura: Yong-kil Cho
10 Tribute to Late Professor Hajime Nakamura: Lokesh Chandra
11 The Late Professor Hajime Nakamura’s works in Japanese: Sengaku Mayeda
12 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Contribution to the Buddhist Studies: Yasuaki Nara
13 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Understanding on the Influence of Mahayana Buddhism on Gaudapada Philosophy: Sun-keun Kim
14 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Contribution to Vedanta Studies: Shoun Hino
15 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Contribution to the Study of Eastern Philosophy and Culture: S Shyam Kishore Singh
16 The Contribution of Professor Hajime Nakamura to the Study of Nyaya Vaisesika and Indian Logic: Toshihiro Wada
17 Contributions of Professor Hajime Nakamura to the Studies of Samkhya and Yoga: Shujun Motegi
18 Freedom of Thought and Jainism: Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Contribution to the Study of Jainism: Michihiko Yajima
19 Professor Hajime Nakamura on Understanding Dharmasastras: Indra Nath Choudhuri
20 The Human Condition of Enlightenment: Nakamura on the Buddhist Vision of Life: R C Pradhan
21 Professor Hajime Nakamura on Human Existence and Self in Early Buddhism: Sabhajit Mishra
22 Professor Hajime Nakamura and Indian Buddhism: Karunesh Shukla
23 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Observations on Jiriki and Tariki : A Corroborative Study: Kala Acharya
24 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Contribution to Sanskrit Studies: Shashiprabha Kumar
25 Professor Hajime Nakamura’s Concept of Asian Mind and its Essential Features: Asha Mukherjee
26 Buddhism in Jaina Literature: Samani Chaitany Pragya

APPENDIX: 1 Chronological Bio-Data of Professor Dr Hajime Nakamura

APPENDIX: 2 The Late Professor Dr Hajime Nakamura’s Main Works in Japanese

APPENDIX: 3 Inaugural and Valedictory Sessions Speeches