Buddhist Literature and Art

Buddhist Literature and Art

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Author: S R Bhatt
Compilor: Dr Mahendra / P Mittal
Publisher: Originals
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 274
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188629286


Buddhist literature is amazingly vast. It has been produced at all points of time in ancient, medieval and modern times in India and outside all over the world. Buddhist literature can be classified time-wise, language-wise and country-wise. Unfortunately a large amount of ancient literature could not be preserved and has been lost in oblivion. Some of it has been lost in original but some of it is available in translations and can be retrieved. It will be a huge but highly significant task to restore the lost literature, but it should be attempted by world scholarship as it would be valuable asset to human culture.

The basic Buddhist literature grew up on Indian soil in Pali and Sanskrit languages and has shaped the intellectual climate of India in ancient times. Soon it spread out to other Asian countries and reformed their psyche. In modern times Buddhist literature is being produced all over the world mostly in expository form. For the ancient literature there are several catalogues like that of Tanjore, Gilgit, Nanjio and some good bibliographic histories like that of Taranatha. A classified and comparative account of the entire Buddhist literature produced so far is a need of the times. It will be a gigantic work to be undertaken by a team of scholars.

The Buddhist literature is mainly concerned with biographies of Sakya Muni, the Buddha, his previous births and future incarnations, the Bodhisattvas and their noble conduct, teachings of the Buddha, disciplinary codes for the Samgha, expositions of philosophical, epistemological, moral, religious and eschatological ideas, beliefs and practices.

The Buddhist art occupies a very significant position in the totality of Indian art traditions. Though distinctive in ideas and thematic descriptions, it is in line with the general Indian art traditions. The Buddhist art went outside India alongwith the spread of Buddhism and it assumed newer forms in the countries of its locale. It is a remarkable event in world history to witness Buddhist art in veriegated forms in the countries of Asia. For example, the Pagoda at Barabudur in Java, at Anuradhapuram in Ceylon and the Swayambhu Nath Temple in Nepal are artistic marvels which provide richness to world culture and civilisation.





1 The Buddhist Manuscripts at Gilgit -N Dutt
2. The Buddhist Manuscsripts at Gilgit - N Dutt
3. The Buddhist Manuscsripts at Gilgit - N Dutt
4. The Buddhist Manuscsripts at Gilgit - N Dutt
5. The Buddhist Manuscsripts at Gilgit - N Dutt
6. Bodhicitta-vivarana of Nagarjuna - P C Bagchi
7. Bodhicittavivarana - Prabhubhai Patel
8. Bodhisattva Pratimoksa Sutra - Nalinaksha Dutt
9. An Appendix to the new edition of the Bodhicaryavatara - Sujitkumar Mukhopadhyaya
10. Mahayana and Hinayana Works known to Nagarjuna - R Kimura
11. Derivation of Pali - S V Viswanatha
12. Marriage in Buddhist Literature - B C Law
13. Slavery as known from the Buddhist Pali Sources - Madan Mohan Singh
14. An early Buddha Statue from Yunnan - W Liebenthal
15. Observations on the Buddhist remains at Jaggayyapeta - Debala Mitra
16. Iconographic Notes on some Buddhist Sculpture at Ellora - R Sen Gupta
17. Some Buddhist Antiquities and Monuments of Rajasthan - Ratna Chandra Agrawala
18. The Absence of the Buddha Image in the Prekushan Period - D K Sinha
19. A Bodh-Gaya Image Inscription - B M Barua
20. The Earth Goddess in Buddhist Art - O C Gangoly
21. The Harmika and the Origin of Buddhist Stupas - J Przylusk
22. A temple of the Buddhist God Mahakala - Debala Mitra
23. The hair and the Usnisa on the head of the Buddhas and the Jinas - Ramaprasad Chanda
24. Some Images and Traces of Mahayana Buddhism in Chittagong - Narendra Nath Law
25. Old Buddhist Shrines at Bodh-Gaya - B M Barua
26. A rare type of Bodhisattva-images from Sanchi - Debala Mitra
27. The Jaina Reference in the Buddhist Literature - Kamta Prasad Jain
28. Buddhist Education in Pali and Sanskrit Schools - E J Thomas
29. Buddhist Evidence for the Early Existence of Drama - O H De A Wijesekera
30. The Gamabhojaka in the Buddhist Birth-stories - Atindra Nath Bose
31. On the Buddhacarita of Asvagho - Sukumar Sen