Jain Temples - In India And Around The World

Jain Temples - In India And Around The World

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Author: L M Singhvi
Tarun Chopra/
Photographer: Tarun Chopra
Publisher: Himalayan Books
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170020794


Depictions and notes of Jainism can be traced as far back as the Macedonian Invasion of India, or atleast the period at which Megasthenes was sent ambassador to Sandracoptus. OF the various representations of the faith, the theme most abundantly illustrated is that of Jain monks and nuns with their multitude of beliefs and practices. Their regard and respect for animal life is brilliantly manifested in this painting by William Simpson. The Covered mouth to prevent accidental entrance of an insect; the feet, bare, lest slippers crush an innocent worm or other crawling creatures.

This is purely an extension of the main tenet, ahimsa, non-violence, that percolates to every activity, and walking or sitting should not be the means of destruction. This representation of Jain priesthood – White clothes (worn by some sects in Jainism), covered mouth and bare-feet – are identities of renunciates but may or may not be customs followed by the common people of the faith.


This book is Dr Singhvi’s exquisite bouquet of spirituality, scholarship, art and aesthetics.
-Jaswant Singh
India’s Minister for External Affairs

Dr L M Singhvi’s inspiring and illuminated text on the splendour of Jain tradition and beautiful images of Jain Temples make this book a magnificent and monumental contribution in the Year of Ahimsa.
India’s Minister of Culture and Tourism

This book will bring to its readers a beauty of monuments, which are testimony to the devotion and faith that continues to inspire millions of Jains and others.
-Pujya Shree Chitrabhanuji
Founder, Jain Meditation International Center, New York

Open the book on any page and move on, You are on a pilgrimage through inimitable planes few are fortunate to experience.
-Indu Jain
Chairman, The Times of India Group of Publications

The turning of these pages is like a pilgrimage. Going through the detailed pictures and scholarly writing is like an experience of being in the heart of the Jain tradition. With all its faith and charm, this is a true darshan.
-Father Valles

A fascinating visual and textual treat. This book is your first step towards a voyage of discovery and pilgrimage.
-Satish Kumar
Editor, Resurgence

A multi-layered perspective into Jainism and its expression in architectural forms – very important, yet lesser known aspects of India’s rich cultural heritage.
-Dr Deborah Swallow
Director of collections, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

An absorbing pictorial and philosophical journey, inciting a look many times over.
-Dr Deborah Swallow
Director of collections, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

An absorbing pictorial and philosophical journey, inciting a look many times over.
-Dr Bipin D Parikh
President, Federation of Jain Associations in North America

A pleasant voyage of discovery with its brilliant writing and photographs that make the Jain philosophy, tradition and places come alive. Every page of this book uplifts the spirits and exuberantly rises beyond its boundary.
-Vijay Shah
President, Antwerp Indian Association, Belgium

This book is an invitation to all to enter into the spirit of Jainism and its traditions and to visit, enjoy and study the Jain Heritage.

-Dr Atul K Shah,
Executive Editor, Jain Spirit, www.jainspirit.org

An interesting documentation of the most sacred Jain contribution to philosophy, ethics, art and architecture. The beauty and marvels of Jainism take you to an enthralling journey of the soul.
-Nemu Chandaria
Deputy Chairman, Institute of Jainology, Middleses, UK

This marvelous virtual journey makes you want to throw off the cumbersome burdens that weigh you down, pack your bags and probably spend a good time in the study of Jain philosophy and the peaceful environs of each one of these places.
-Dr Parveen Kumar Jain
Chairman and President, Jain Center of Northern California

We had for long been toying with the idea of doing a book on Jain temples, the project finally took off with motivation from Air Marshal P K Jain, a great crusader in the field of education. The actual impetus however, was given by my dear friend Mr D K Jain of Luxor Foundation Thereafter one thing led to another.

Finally, the day came when the crucial decisions on photography and text had to be made. We turned to Dr L M Singhvi, an illustrious statesman who is also one of the most distinguished and articulate exponents of India’s Vedic and Sramana heritage and a crusader for inter-faith harmony. He has put us in his debt by his gracious acceptance of our request to author the book.

Tarun Chopra kindly took the responsibility of shooting some memorable photographs, while the text was motivated by my mentor Shri Rah Kumar Jain, Prof M A Dhaky, and Prof Vimal Prakash Jain, whose inspiration helped keep up the momentum.



The Jain Tradition
Jain Art / Jain Pilgrimages / The Jain Diaspora



Palitana / Girnar

Jaisalmer / Taranga / Khajuraho

Ellora / Sravana Belgola & Other Temples

Jain Temples Outside India