Encounters with Infinity - A Metamathematical Dissertation

Encounters with Infinity - A Metamathematical Dissertation

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Author: Michael Van Laanen
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 296
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221853


Like a collection of poems with an underlying mystical theme, this dissertation is a kaleidoscope puzzle of images and thoughts and concepts and ideas taken from mysticism, science, logic, and mathematics.

This treatise on infinity is the result of two mystical experiences of the author, the first in February 1950 and the second fourteen years later in November 1964. These experiences were more real to him than the testimony of his senses. He did not identify them with God. For him they came from the future as a glimpse of mankind’s potential destiny. His thesis is an attempt to point out a path that makes the yet to be discovered universe viable.




Vision Quest: Introduction
You Cannot discover New Lands Until You Are willing to Lose Sight of the shore
Someplace else
Morning thoughts
Twelve Noon at MY Computer
Topics for Discussion
Vision Quest dialogues: The Little toad
To Ponder
My Role Models: My Heroes-My Idols
Shakespeare: To Be or Not to Be. That is the Question. I Say: To be and Not to be. That is the Quest
Achilles Heel
The n+1 Concept counting
Taking Risks
Vision Quest Dialogue: The Yellow Butterfly
Mysticism and Mystics
From a Letter to Bob & Betsy 2 Dec 1993
Vision Quest dialogue: The Water Pool spiders
A Space
One Mystic’s Quandary
Letter From My Sister Marci: 2 January 1994
Vision quest Dialogue: A Place of Magical-Beauty and Grandeur
Psychic Anomaly
Dedekind Cut
Idle Thoughts
El Numero Tres
Beyond The Shore
Vision Quest Dialogue: Timelessness-The Eternal
Play It Again Sam One More Time
Definitions: Infinite & Infinity
Parallels: Euclidean Geometry Versus
Non-Euclidean Geometry
Ptolemy versus Copernicus
Newton versus Einstein
House Of Number versus Innfinity-The Last Number
The Little Red Hen
Pandora’s Box
Vision Quest Dialogue:
The Majestic Evergreen Tree
Georg Cantor
Zero, One, Innfinity Defined
In The Limit In The Limit
Thought Dreams
Vision Quest dialogue The Narrow Canyon
More on Limits
Rule of three
Rules of The Game
I Wonder
The four Operations of Arithmetic
Vision Quest: The Sun & The Pool of Water
Morning Thoughts
The Biggest Number
Trigonometry Test
Infinitely Small-Infinitely Great
Concept Versus Mechanics
Nothing And Infinity
Meta-Innfinity (Meta-Numbers or-Infinity Numbers)
About Mysticism
Vision Quest The Riddle
Parallel Linkages Additive Velocities And Counting (n + 1)
Russell’s Paradox
The Beginning, The Middle, the end Number
Innfinity-a Number Place Holder
Vision Quest The Warrior’s Quiver
Paradoxical Logic
The Primary Meta-Numbers (M-N)
Vision Quest The Bluebird And The Seagull
Innfinity As A Variable
Paradox And Innfinity
83.8 Dec 1994.
King Of The Mountain Dream
Copenhagen Interpretation
William James
Morning thoughts
Vision Quest Detachment
Note To The Reader Of This: Material
Reality And Mind
Ego Thoughts Dialogue
Deepak Chopra
The Dialogue Continued
Vision Quest: Warriors
The Sparrow
More Dialogue
Circle boundary
Euclid’s Prime Number theory: Part One
Vision Quest: The Stream And The Fly
Euclid’s Prime Theorem: Part Two
Euclid’s One More Time: Part Three
Vision Quest: Life is Eternal
Mapping Numbers
Paradoxical Logic
How Big Is Innfinity
Hilbert’s Hotel
Georg Cantor Again
Vision Quest: an Indian Voice Speaks
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Geomery Versus Arithmetic
Knowing And Not Knowing
In The Limit
Either / Or Versus and / Both Or-The continuous Versus the Discontinuous or Motion versus stationary
Vision quest: The Dead Tree
In The Limit: In the Limit
Innfinity and Galileo
Vision Quest: Number One Cathedral
The Infinitude of Prime: Euclid Continues To Haunt Me: Part : 4
Mike’s Great Prime Theorem: Solution: Part: 5
Georg Cantor: One More Time
Vision Quest: Return to the Valley
Hilbert’s Hotel: Round 2
Pages-Tablet: Euclid Part 6
Vision Quest: Marching Orders
Number Nonsense
The Empty Mind
My Friend-Jerry Dulin
Vision Quest: An Old Sailor
The Number Line
Table 3 Ramanujan and Zero Times Innfinity
Vision Quest: The Oath
Both / And Logic
Pages: Innfinity Book
Innfinity - A Number
Mr Logic
Vision Quest: Goodbyes
(n+1) Versus (a2=b2)
the end: January Second Nineteen