With The Kamasutra Under My Arm - An Indian Journey

With The Kamasutra Under My Arm - An Indian Journey

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Author: Patricia Scot Bernard
Publisher: Blue Jay Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 344
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188575445


When Patricia decided to travel in India with her long lost English friend, Sally, she had no idea that Sally had become a bag lady.

During their backpacking adventure Sally dragged around a monster case that became so attached to her it almost wagged its handle when she entered the room. Meanwhile Sally collected and collected, clothes, papers, plastic bags until she had quadrupled her baggage.

Armed with the Kama Sutra under her arm, Patricia with her love of architecture and history, and with her mad friend in tow, (the same mad friend who wanted to bring home every hurt dog and cow they encountered), the two friends caught buses driven by speed freaks; caught packed trains with the wicked witch of the north; were almost marooned in the Tha Desert after an unfortunate dog incident; while camping were almost camelnapped in Rajasthan; were almost drowned at Mount Abu, and were definitely attacked by amorous monkeys in Delhi.

With the Kama Sutra Under My Arm is a hilarious romp, as well as an informative historical and architectural travel book. Once read, India will never look quite the same and neither will suitcases.


In the middle of Nowhere
The Monster Case
Our First Day in Delhi
Monks and Peacock Thrones
I Sikh Him Here, I Sikh Him There
Rishikesh and Haridwar
For the Love of Mumtaz Mahal
Fatehpur-Sikri and a Flutter of Wings
The Bird Sanctuary
Jaipur and Elephants
Holi and an Indian’s Delight
Bikaner: The Belles and the Rat Temple
Jaisalmer, Queen of the Desert
Indigo Jodhpur and Saffron Lassis
Mount Abu, Axes and Bombs
Udaipur, Crystal City of Morning
Varanasi, Life and Death
The Lament of the Reluctant Daughter-in-law