Vanguard - The Ultimate Classic on Indian Fashion

Vanguard - The Ultimate Classic on Indian Fashion

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Author: Rohit Khosla
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175080175


Rohit Khosla embodied a unique creative spirit. This book is a celebration of the man, his work and his style.

The nomenclature fashion designer suggests a compulsion towards constant change. Rohit expressed this transience within the framework of his own culture. His designs always bore an unmistakable Indian sensibility. He believed that clothes were a complement to one’s inner being. The harmonious exploration in Rohit’s work offered the contemporary Indian woman, evolving out of her traditional mould, new options for expressing herself.

For reasons of its youth, the fashion industry in India has not been well documented. Many professionals involved in the applied arts affiliated to it, regard Rohit as the pioneer who brought together and galvanized the start of the Indian fashion movement. At a time when there was no awareness of fashion as a creative expression, Rohit struggled to realize what he believed in.

Within the global context, all eyes are turned to India as an emerging market to contend with and fashion, as one of the more colorful and easily visualized industries, is being catapulted into an international arena. Fashion is finally a lucrative and recognized business in India, supporting a cast of thousands from models to age-old crafts.

When someone attempts to write a history of the fashion movement in India, Rohit Khosla will feature as the pioneer who made the profession a legitimate and respectable one.-Nikhil Khanna, Journalist

It seems fitting that the first book of its kind should be about an essentially Indian designer of international caliber and talent, a pioneer who paved the way for the creative starburst that followed.

This book is a celebration of the man, his work and his style.



Authors’ Note


An Early Talent
The Struggle to be a Designer
The Experimental Phase
Shy in the Sky
The Rohit Khosla Label
The Muse


Wood & Rope
Le Nuit des Sirenes
Enfant Terrible
Dust & Coal
Call of the Kelim
Walk on the Wild Side
The Last Collection


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