Funds in the Khilafah State

Funds in the Khilafah State

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Author: Abdul Qadeem Zallum
Publisher: Milli Publications
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 190
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187856068


The Funds in Khilafah State discusses in an intricate manner the funds in the Khilafah state and the Shari’ah rules related to them.

The book describes the sources and types of funds and explains how, when, and where they are collected. It also throws light on who are entitled to these funds and the areas upon which these funds can be spent.

The rules in this book were derived solely from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, after careful study and scrutiny of the sayings of the Sahaba, the tabi’een (the followers) and their followers and the opinions of the mujtahideen.

A book such as this is indispensable for those who are dedicated to reestablishing the Khilafah, and in the future, upon the Khilafah’s return, it will prove to be a priceless gem for the statesmen, thinkers and politicians of the Islamic Ummah.

Islam has entrusted the Khilafah State with the duty of taking care of the affairs of the Ummah and entrusted it to be in charge of administering the funds received by the state and their expenditure such as to look after the affairs of the people of the citizens and the carrying of the Dawah. The divine evidences have explained the sources of the states financial revenues, their types and how they are collected, in the same way they clarified the beneficiaries of these funs and the areas over which they are spent.

The rules of the funds of the Khilafah state are derived from the Quran and the Sunnah, after study and scrutiny of the sayings of the Sahabah, the Tabieen (the followers) and their followers and the opinions of the Mujtahideen. All this is done based on the Sharei evidences, for the divine rules are adopted based on the least amount of doubt (Ghalabat-uz-Zun) without the stipulation of the evidences being definitive as is required when establishing the creed.




The Bait ul-Mal and its Departments
The Account records of the Treasury - (Dawawin)
The Divisions of the Treasury’s Account Books

Al-Anfal and the Spoils of War, Al-Fai and the fifth
The Kharaj
Standards of Lengths, Areas, Measures And Weights
Public Properties and their types
State property, land, Buildings, Utilities and their revenues
Al-Ushur (Tithes) Taxes
Illicit money from the rulers or civil servants money acquired illegitmatley and fines
The Fifth (Khums) of buried treasures and minerals
The Property that has no Inheritors
The Property of apostates (Murtadeen)

Zakat of Livestock
The Zakat of Crops and Fruits
The Zakat of Silver and Gold
Zakat of paper currency
Zakat on Trading merchandise
Zakt on Debts
Jewellery (Al-Huliyy)
Paying Zakat to the Khalifah
The Expenditures of Zakat

Currencies (An-Nuqud) in Islam
The Currency Standard
The Paper Standard
Issuing Currencies