How the Khilafah was Destroyed

How the Khilafah was Destroyed

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Author: Abdul Qadeem Zallum
Publisher: Milli Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 206
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187856076


How the Khilafah was destroyed is more than a historical account of the most disastrous calamity to befall the ummah of Muhammad This book provides valuable lessons from this bitter history to ensure that the ummah is never again afflicted by the same pitfalls and shortcomings that led to our intellectual and political decline, and which resulted directly in the destruction of the Khilafah in 1924.

Muhammad said; and then rightly guided khulafah, on the model of Prophethood, will return – Imam Ahmad

The European States could not even imagine that one day the Muslims could be ruled by other than Islam, or that one day, in their quality as kuffar in the eyes of the Muslims, they’d be ruling the Muslims directly. Therefore their attention was focused on dismembering the Islamic State into Islamic governments under their influence in order to weaken the Khilafah and destroy her.

The State had become more like a federation of states rather than a unitary state. The Kalifah’s authority was reduced in some Wilayahs to Supplication for him from the mimbar, minting coins bearing his name and sending him an amount of money out of the Kharaj. Allah has promised those amongst you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will grant them succession (from the present rulers) to power on the earth.

The Muslims are at present experiencing the severest of trials and the worst of ordeals. The effective remedy for them lies in the perception of whether their issues are vital or not, and in the undertaking of a life and death measure towards every vital issue. This is particularly necessary if the issues are vital or not, and in the undertaking of a life and death measure towards every vital issue. This is particularly necessary if the issue in question encompasses all the vital issues put together.

As long as this perception is not achieved in a manner hat dominates over the souls of people and the atmospheres around them, the Muslims will continue to be in a constant state of decline and degeneration, and they will never rise among the nation. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Muslims to discern their vital issues and to have their perception of these issues find its way to the hearts, the souls and general atmospheres around them so that it becomes a perception that drives them towards undertaking what the vital issues necessitate in terms of life and death measure; and this with an unshakable resolve and unrelenting zeal. This is the point at issue, and this is the basis of all that which the Muslims are attempting to undertake in order to deal with the reality they are currently facing.

The reality of the Muslims today is sensed by every Muslims; It does not require any explanation nor does it necessitate any elaboration. Their lands are ruled by Kufr systems, thus they are conclusively Kufr homeland. They are divided into more than four type of entities, including states, Emirates, Sultanates and Sheikhdoms. They are too weak to stand up to the Kuffar. Hence the primary issue of concern for every country in the Islamic world is to becomes Islamic homeland and then unite with the rest of the Islamic countries. This issue is a vital issue; it is moreover the whole of the vital issues put together; thus it is imperative to undertake the necessary measures as a mater of life and death.


The struggle between Islam and Kufr
The conspiracies of the European countries against the Islamic State
Arousing the nationalist chauvinism and the separatist tendencies
The missionary and the cultural invasion
The attempt at introducing the Western constitutional rules
Adopting the western Laws
The impact of the cultural and legislative invasion
The Allies attempt at enticing Jamal Pasha
Mustafa Kemal works towards the withdrawal of the State from the war and the signing of a peace treaty
The capitulation of the Ottoman State
The British attempt to destroy the Khilafah through political and legal actions
The British alter the political and legal style
Britain backs the rebellion of Mustafa Kemal
The first phase in Mustafa Kemal’s rebellion
Mustafa Kemal adopts Ankara as his centre
Mustafa Kemal’s return to the rebellion through a second phase
The Ankara government gets settled and other states deal with it directly
Mustafa Kemal prepares to settle the crisis with Greece through war
Separating the Sultanate from the Khilafah
The fatal blow
The vital issues and the measure of life and death
The vital issues according to Islam
Establishing the Khilafah and the rule by what Allah has revealed is the vital issue for the Muslims