Some Musical Memories

Some Musical Memories

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Author: Amar Mishra
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 95
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129106124


Personal memories of the author allow us a glimpse into the lives and habits of the great icons of Hindustani classical music. Some are still alive, others live on as legends. The author traces half a century of musical history through the lives of the great musicians who feature in the book. Some Musical Memories is both for aficionados of Hindustani classical music and the uninitiated. Anecdotal and humorous, this book is unputdownable.

In his (Bismillah Khan’s) music or in his personality, there is no pretence of any intellectuality. The appeal is only to the senses and his recitals are like a cascade of melody and even those totally unfamiliar with our classical music cannot remain untouched by Bismillah’s music.

Amir Khan’s renderings of various ragas gave a whole new flavour to them but there are at least two ragas, Marwa and Hansadhwani, to which he gave a new and unique colour and immortalized them. There is indeed a magical quality about them. Also he gave the tarana with generous use of Persian poetry, a new and unique form.




Bismillah Khan
The Aftab-E-Mausiki
Ali Akbar Khan
Vilayat Khan
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
Amir Khan
Begum Akhtar
Bhimsen Joshi
M S Subbulakshmi
Siddheshwari Devi
Malini Rajurkar
Parween Sultana
Ravi Shankar
Amjad Ali Khan
Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan
The Under Rateds
The Rising Stars of the Sitar
The Great Aficionados-A Tribute
Epilogue-Some Passing Thoughts