India’s Performance in The Security Council

India’s Performance in The Security Council

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Author: Chiranjib Das Amar
Publisher: South Asia Publishers
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170032857


India’s Performance in Security Council is an attempt to analyze and evaluate India’s role in the Security council with reference to pacific settlement of disputes. This work studies the UN scheme of the pacific settlement of disputes, the place of Security Council therein, the nature and quality of performance that India made in the Council’s pursuit of peaceful settlement of disputes as one of its non-permanent members.

It is an endeavor to examine the genuineness of India’s claim to have permanent membership of Security Council in the light of its performance and may provide insight to policy makers, teachers, researchers and student of International Politics and Organizations.

India has been actively aspiring for having a permanent berth in United Nations Security Council for about a decade. The claim is buttressed by its outstandingly rational and constructive role in Council’s handling of the pacific settlement of disputes in particular. The maintenance of peace and security is the primary responsibility of Council and that responsibility has to be carried out either though collective security measures or through pacific settlement of disputes.

Which major disputes were tackled peacefully during the six of its tenures of membership, at which stages and in which ways India became helpful with what effect are some of the important questions answers of which have been attempted in this book. Efforts have also been made to discern the nature and quality of India’s performance and how that performance acquired pre-eminence and distinction.





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