My Presidential Years

My Presidential Years

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Author: R Venkataraman
Publisher: HarperCollins/Indus
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 568
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172232020


My Presidential Years is a first-hand portrayal of events of R Venkataraman’s tenure as the eighth President of India, spanning as it did the politically sensitive years 1987-1992. Never before has the tenure of an Indian President been so eventful, thorny and challenging.

These trying times demanded decisions on a gamut of tricky constitutional and political issues-Sri Lankan crisis, Bofors Gun deal, assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Stock Scam, or the Defamation Bill. In his inimitable style, the author attempts an in-depth analysis of questions relating to split and disqualification in Parliament, role of Governors, discretionary powers of the president-constitutional issues that have often eluded answers.

The inherent element of subjectivity reveals the personality of the author and of the personalities he comes across.

The office of the President is like an emergency light. It comes on automatically when there is a crisis and goes off automatically when the crisis passes.



PART I: 1987-1988

Prelude to the Presidency
I Enter Rashtrapati Bhavan
At Rashtrapati Bhavan
My Presidential Style
Sri Lanka and Other Matters
The Governors’ Conference
Administrative Affairs-I
Administrative Affairs-II
My First New Year as President
On Punjab
Investitures, Functions and Visits
Visit to the Soviet Union
The Defamation Bill and Other Matters
State visit to four Nations in Europe
Nathdwara Temple Entry
Visit to Bhutan
Kehar Singh’s Case

PART II: 1989

Emperor Hirohito’s funeral and Other Matters
The Prosecution controversy ad Other Matters
Visit to West Germany
Ninth General elections
The Ninth Lok Sabha

PART III: 1990

Visit to Portugal
Visit to U K
Resentment Against Jagmohan
Cabinet Crisis
Anti-Mandal Agitation
Punjab Elections
Karnataka Crisis and Other Matters
Political Crisis
Swearing in of Chandra Shekhar
Split and Disqualification in Parliament

PART IV: 1991-1992

Chandra Shekhar’s Tenure as P M
Chandra Shekhar’s Resignation
Visit to Southeast Asian Countries
Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination
Developments after Rajiv Gandhi’s Death
Tenth Lok Sabha
The Cauvery River Waters Dispute
Rashtrapati Bhavan Estate
Li Peng’s Visit and Other Matters
Retirement Decision and Other Matters
Visit to China
Last Days in Rashtrapati Bhavan




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