We, the Nation - The Lost Decades

We, the Nation - The Lost Decades

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Author: Nani A Palkhivala
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 332
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185944903


India, the sleeping giant of an economy-in the words of Lee Kuan yew-is, at last, slowly stirring from its long night of slumber, drugged as it has been for decades with the opiate of socialism. This amazing subcontinent with its mosaic of colours, cultures, contrasts and maddening contradictions, always has, thanks to vast quantities of its own indigenously manufactured red tape and venal politicians, been held in thrall for so long. It is only now, and that too hesitantly, that India is moving to take its rightful place in the community of nations of the world.

What ails India, what its potential is, how magnificent its heritage is, how richly endowed it is by both history and nature, are all highlighted in this book.

The author brings a razor-sharp mind to bear on the myriad subjects he touches, ranging from the noble Constitution of India, the man-made malaise seizing India from time to time, eminent personalities, to the daunting task of redesigning India for the 21st century. The convoluted problems that India is heir to and confronted with, are analyzed, and unlike most armchair critics and analysts, solutions are suggested.

Each topic is illuminated with sensitivity and sunlight-clear exposition. Public memories are irresponsibly short and selective, and this book, spanning as it does the panorama of his last ten tumultuous years, becomes essential reading-the history that must be read so that we are not condemned to repeating it. A book for all persons and all seasons indeed.


Are We Masters of Our Fate?

Addresses at Foreign Universities
Prime Ministers
The Ayodhya Years
From Sterile Socialism To Fruitful Egalitarianism
Sharing Thoughts with Shareholders
Annual Ritual of Union Budgets
The Age-Old Curse of Casteism-The Paramount Constitutional Issue
Other Constitutional Issues
The Law, Judges and Lawyers
Culture and Education
The Great and The Eminent
The Press
Democracy or Boobocracy?