Seven Lessons in  Conscious Living

Seven Lessons in Conscious Living

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Author: Roy Eugene Davis
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 143
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120817508


Opinions about the meaning life and the purposes for our being in this world are of little value. If our thoughts and actions do not enhance our lives, the lives of others, and the environment, our relatively brief sojourn in this mundane realm of temporary relationships and transitory events is wasted.

The information provided in the following pages is reliable and can be verified by practical application. Results will always be in accord with your personal vision of possibilities and attentive participation with the universal, impartial laws of cause and effect which will support your right endeavors.


A Systematic manual for learning the history and lifestyle of Kriya Yoga, the tradition of Yogananda that goes back through Sri Yukteswar to Lahiri Mahasaya. Roy Davis was initiated by Yogananda himself 50 years ago and is thus in the direct line of transmission of this movement. The seven lessons are systematically set out with exercises at the end of each chapter. The serious student will gain a great deal from careful reading and following the practices outlined in the book.
-Network No 76, August 2001

Seven Lessons in Conscious Living by Roy Davis, with its systematic and scientific arrangement of subject in its logical order, spacious lay out, appropriate and timely quotations, easy-to-understand language (without jargon) and honest approach of the author has a weight. Even a casual reader finds it pleasant; and a genuine seeker gets in this book a life-long companion in his lone pursuit of the ultimate.
-Pathway to God, Vol. XXVII No. 1, Oct-Dec 2001

Yoga and Meditation are very complex and rigorous practices which were, till recently, a conserve of the yogis and mystics. But this easy-to-follow book gives a push-button approach to the complex and intricate practices of Yoga and mediation. From the right breathing exercises and postures to the concepts of actual harmony with primordial nature and complex neuro-psychological states of body and mind, this volume is a lucid encyclopaedia for the busy reader.
-Indian Perspectives
Vol. 14 No 4 April 2001

The book being about the Kriya Yoga Roy Davis goes to the antecedents of Kriya Yoga its meaning, and how it was revived in its original from by Babaji. He delineates the entire chronology of the Guru and disciples upto Swamy Paramhansa Yoganand and finally to the author and his initiation into the path of Kriya Yoga. Who is the right person to take to the path Kriya Yoga? What are the pre-requisites that one should adhere to? Such basic and funda-mental things the author presents in the introduction. The purpose of Kriya Yoga, he writes, is to resist, weaken and remove all physical and mental obstacles to God-Realisation.
-Professor Dr Anand D Mulgund Lingraj College, Belgaum

I salute the supreme teacher, the truth, whose nature is bliss; who is the giver of the highest happiness; who is pure wisdom; who is beyond all qualities and infinite like the sky; who is beyond words; who is one and eternal, pure and still; who is beyond all change and phenomena and the silent witness to our thoughts and emotions. I salute truth, the supreme teacher.
-Ancient Vedic Hymn



PHILOSOPHY: The Kriya Yoga Tradition
LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES: Discover the Purpose of Your Life
MEDITATION: Understanding and Using Mantras

PHILOSOPHY: God’s Reality, Life, Power, and Substance
LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES: Live in Tune With the Infinite
MEDITATION: Technique of Primordial Sound Contemplation

PHILOSOPHY: The Categories and Processes of God’s Cosmic Manifestation
LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES: Fulfill Your Life-Enhancing Desires
MEDITATION: Technique for Conscious Expansion of Awareness

PHILOSOPHY: Understanding Your True Nature
LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES: Be Prosperous in all Aspects of Your Life
MEDITATION: Technique for Moving Awareness Through the Vital Centers

PHILOSOPHY: The Fundamentals of Yoga Practice
LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES: The Science of Self-and God-Realization
MEDITATION: The Path of God Technique

PHILOSOPHY: Awakening the Inner Potential
LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES: Unfold and Express Your Innate Qualities
MEDITATION: Routines for All Levels of Practice

PHILOSOPHY: Spiritual Enlightenment and Soul Liberation
MEDITATION: Initiation and Commitment to Discipleship