Ecological Spirituality

Ecological Spirituality

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Author: G Naganathan
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 90
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221829


Every major step man takes wreaks its own damage on the environment. Aware of this, man is yet unwilling to forgo the immediate material benefits his actions give. For all his professions of concern about the environment, in reality his concern reduces to nothing more than cosmetic changes in the exterior which are of no value. This slender monograph is a critique on this pervasive culture of ambivalence.

The author resorts to first principles, Sanatana Dharma which literally means eternal order. Disorder can be overcome only by order. Here there is nothing fundamentalist or sectarian. What could be the true meaning of civilizations? What constitutes progress? What is the content of development? Why does man, so successful in exterminating every other species, fail to check his own kind? These are a few of the questions addressed by the author.

He is conscious his perceptions and prescriptions may sound utopian, simplistic. Equality firm is his conviction that anything less will not do. Not environmental engineering but ecological spirituality is the answer. In fact this is the only religion the world needs.







What is Hinduism?
The Hindu Concept of Creation
The Hindu Attitude to Creation
Man’s Day-to-Day life
Progress-The Scriptures vis-à-vis the West
Aparigraha, Lokasangraha
Food and the Spirit
Where Science Ends
The Need of the Hour


Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

Selected Bibliography