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School Atlas

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 88
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978-0-19-563722-9


This 29th fully updated and revised edition of Oxford School Atlas depicts the world in full color maps, incorporating all geopolitical changes and other revisions. The increased coverage provides for its users a wide range of topics which makes this Atlas extremely useful.

Some Highlights of this revised edition are:

* detailed political maps of the Indian states and Union territories
* colorful and pictographic world maps depicting global issues of environment and natural hazards
* an all new political map of Europe updated in terms of the new changes in erstwhile Yugoslavia and the USSR
* an updated political map of the world presented in Mercator's projection
* extended and updated information of the countries of the world in terms of their area, population, capitals, currency and national flags
* detailed maps with explanatory notes to enable as easier understanding of the world Time Zones
* an exhaustive and updated index