Nanak  -  An Introduction

Nanak - An Introduction

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Author: Purushottam Nijhaawan
Publisher: Vakils, Freffer & Simons
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 130
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187111674


In the 15th century, Indian society was a disturbing picture of rank ritualism, superstition, bigotry and social decay. The birth of Nanak in 1469 in the little village of Talwandi near Lahore, however, came as a miracle. The deteriorating Indian society has now found a redeemer. Nanak grew up in the midst of this orthodox society, more as a victim than as an observer and questioned its merits to the highest source. Intense and spiritually-driven even as a school boy, Nanak emerged as the Guru to lead the existing wayward thought to believe in one God and to embrace a more practical approach to living through his simple philosophy.

Hailed as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the mankind, Guru Nanak’s message shook all corners of India and beyond, and resulted in the formation of India’s youngest religion, Sikhism. What is most inspiring about Nanak’s teaching is the timelessness of his philosophy that is as relevant today as it was more than five hundred years ago. This is because of its uncomplicated nature which disentangles the path to a fulfilled life. Nanak’s deep insights on life carry seeds of solution to many issues faced by humanity as a whole. This book is an earnest attempt to celebrate his thoughts.

To make this introduction more valuable to its readers, an English rendition of the entire Japuji (the morning prayer of the Sikhs that presents Nanak’s vision of God and his cosmic ideas) along with its original Punjabi text and Devanagari transliteration, has also been added. Nanak with his two life-long companions, Bala Sandhu, the Hindu Jat and Mardana, the Muslim rebec player during all his Udasis that virtually amounted to his World Conquest of the known world of religion at that time. The above is a frieze form the Golden Temple.





Nanak’s Uncommon Early Years

From Nanak Dev to Guru Nanak

Nanak’s Udasis or His world Conquest

Setting up the Commune at Kartarpur

Some Gems of Nanak’s Spiritual Message

Fulfilment and the Last Two Acts

One in Ten and Ten in One

An Extraordinary Transformation

Nanak Becomes Eternal

Nanak’s Contemporary Relevance

Epilogue: Nanak’s Philosophy of the Nam

Annexure One: The Japuji: The Humanity’s Master Prayer

Annexure Two: Select Bibliography