Rusty Comes Home

Rusty Comes Home

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Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Penguin/Puffin
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 215
ISBN/UPC (if available): 01343334859


Rusty returns to his beloved hills, never to leave again.

Rusty Comes Home is the fifth and final volume in Puffin’s complete collection of Ruskin Bond’s ever-popular Rusty stores. A lonely and sensitive boy who lost his father early, Rusty spent his childhood in boarding schools and with relatives in Dehra. While still a teenager, he ran away from his foster home and had myriad adventures before landing up in London with the ambition of becoming a writer. This book chronicles Rusty’s exploits after his return from London, as he explores Delhi, Dehra and the small, dusty town of Shahganj before settling down in Mussoorie, making his living as a writer, and reveling in the hills that have always fascinated him.

Rusty Comes Home contains some captivating stories about Rusty’s friends and fleeting acquaintances, about human nature and the supernatural. Among his friends in Shahganj are Ketan, a victim of the Partition and prone to paralytic fits; Madhu, a child whose life is tragically cut short, but not before she leaves an incredible Jimmy, a jinn who can extend his arms at will to infinite lengths; and Miss Pettibone, the oldest resident of Dehra, who enthralls him with riveting stories from the town’s past. Then there is the unnamed basket-selling girl he meets by chance on the Deoli railway platform and can never forget; and Binya, a young and vivacious widow, who floats into his life on the strains of a song.

Full of charming and idiosyncratic characters, these stories of love, loss and adventure will appeal to young readers of all ages.



All you Need Is Paper
Summertime in Old New Delhi
Bhabiji’s House
The Crooked tree
The Haunted Bicycle
The Story of Madhu
Most Beautiful
The Night Train At Deoli
He Said It With Arsenic
Binya Passes By
The Good Old Days
The Trouble With Jinns
Listen to the Wind
The Last time I Saw Delhi
From Small Beginnings
Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
When You Can’t Climb Trees Any More
As Time Goes By
Upon an Old Wall Dreaming