The Unicorn Expedition & Other Stories

The Unicorn Expedition & Other Stories

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Author: Satyajit Ray
Translator(s): Gopa Majumdar
Publisher: Penguin/Puffin
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 238
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143335847


Professor Shonku cannot dismiss without proof the possibility that unicorns do exist somewhere on earth. In fact, Charles Willard, a fellow scientist, claimed to have actually seen them in Tibet, but, unfortunately, died shortly afterwards. So, when Shonku learn that another expedition is starting off for Tibet, he jumps at the opportunity to trace Willard’s route and find the unicorns.

Tibet is just one of the exotic paces Professor Shonku’s exploits take him in this volume of stories. In the Sahara desert he comes face to face with a massive pyramid-like structure no one knew of earlier; he travels underwater in a submarine with two Japanese scientists to investigate the sudden appearance of deadly red fish that have take to eating humans; in the caves of Bolivia he meets a primitive man who has been painting his dwelling with animal figures and strange mathematical formulae; and on a peculiar island which has appeared out of nowhere in the pacific Ocean horrific plants such out all his learning from his brain.

Professor Shonku is at the height of his ingenuity and daring in this collection, and thrills and surprises await us around every bend as we follow him on his astonishing adventures.



The Sahara Mystery
Professor Shonku and the Radiant Fish
Professor Shonku and the Gorillas
Professor Shonku and the Mysterious Island
Professor Shonku and the Cochabamban Cave
The Unicorn Expedition