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Author: Benjamin Zachariah
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 299
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174363386


For too long Nehru has been presented as someone through whom we learn only about India. Now Dr Zachariah's exciting book gives us new means of understanding his intriguing man.
-Robert Anderson, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

There is an urgent need to reassess the life and work of Jawaharlal Nehru. Benjamin Zachariah does this in an original and provocative way.
-Rajat Kanta Ray, Presidency College, Calcutta

How did Jawaharlal Nehru come to lead the Indian nationalist movement, and how did he sustain his leadership as the first Prime Minister of Independent India? Nehru's vision of India, its roots in Indian politics and society, as well as its viability have been central to historical and present-day views of India. This engaging new biography dispels many myths surrounding Nehru, and distinguishes between the icon he has become and the politician he actually was.

Benjamin Zachariah places Nehru in the context of the issues of his times, including the central theme of nationalism, the impact of Cold War pressures on India and the transition from colonial control to a precarious independence. Connecting the domestic and international aspects of his political life and ideology, this study provides a fascinating insight into Nehru, his times and his legacy.






The making of a colonial intellectual

The young Gandhian

Ineffectual angel, 1927-39

The end of the Raj
Interlude-Envisioning the new India

Consolidating the State, c 1947-55

High Nehruvianism and its decline, c 1955-63

Conclusion: death, succession, legacy


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