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Author: Peter Neville
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 237
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174363378


This thoroughly researched new appraisal of Mussolini offers a sympathetic, but very critical, assessment of this gifted, but fatally flawed icon of twentieth century history. This outstanding short study will be of inestimable value to the student and general reader alike.

Andrew Crozier, Senior lecturer and Jean Monner Lecturer in the History of Contemporary Europe, Queen Mary, University of London.

Was Mussolini really the power-crazed cynic that many see him as? Was he a true revolutionary? Although he could be both ruthless and opportunistic, Benito Mussolini was also driven by ideology and his desire to make Italy great. But conservative forces in the Italian establishment and factional warfare in his own fascist Party were stumbling blocks to his policy, and ultimately Italy never became as fascist as Mussolini would have liked.

Peter Neville presents a new assessment of the life and times of the famous leader. This study places the Fascist movement in its historical context and assesses its theoretical base. It examines the formative influences on the young Mussolini, his turn away from socialism by 1914, his domestic and foreign policy as a leader, and his historical legacy. Clear and engaging, this book is key to the understanding of one of the most fascinating of twentieth-century European dictators.






The shaping of a political leader, 1883-1919

The achievement of power, 1919-24

Crisis and consolidation, 1924-29

The dictator at his zenith

Italian society under Mussolini,1931-39

The Ethiopian War, 1935-36

Into the abyss: foreign and defense policy, 1936-40

The slide to disaster, 1940-43

The last phase, 1943-45



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