The Osho Way - In Romance with Life

The Osho Way - In Romance with Life

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 162
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128804642


Some years ago, one of Osho's sannyasins was brought to me for heart surgery, he had a serious problem and there was very little hope that he would live long. The other sannyasins, who had brought him, were a happy lot. There was no sadness or seriousness about them and instead of being solemn, they asked me if they could film the operation!

What struck me was a certain glow that emanated not only from all the patient's friends but also from the patient himself! It was certainly a glow of their positive attitude. It was a major operation and I was not optimistic about the patient's survival, so I refused the filming. But nothing seemed to prick their bubble. Not only did they seem to receive this serious problem differently, they had a positive outlook on death as well! A rare ideal in the world, today. The patient did extremely well during the operation and had a remarkable recovery. The positive attitude that the Osho sannyasins had, I believe, contributed a great deal to the patient's recovery.

Osho's said, Modern psychology all around the world is doing something stupid: analyzing the brain. The mind needs no analysis. It is analyzing junk. It needs simply to be erased. The moment the mind is erased-and the method is meditation-you are left with a body which is absolutely beautiful. The moment the brain is freed form the mind, the innocent of the brain becomes aware of a new space which we have called the soul. Once you have found your soul, you have found your home. You have found that the whole existence is ready for you to dance, to rejoice, to sing-to live intensely and blissfully.


THE ART OF LIFE…begins with meditation. And by meditation I mean silence of the mind, silence of the heart, reaching to the very center of your being and finding the treasure that is your reality. Once you have known it, you can radiate love, you can radiate life, you can radiate creativity. Your words will become poetic, your gestures will have grace; even your silence will have a song to it. Even if you are sitting unmoving, you will be in a dance. Each breath coming in, going out, will be a joy, each heartbeat is so precious because it is the heart beat of the universe itself-you are a part of it.
-Osho: The Razor's Edge


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