I Say Unto You       (Set of 2 Volumes)

I Say Unto You (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2003/2009
Language: English
Pages: 620
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171824390



In these discourse Osho strips away outer layers of our conditioned ideas, our myths and muddled moralities, and guides us with light and laughter into the real magic and miracles of Jesus-Jesus the lover, the compassionate, feasting and communing with the common man, the prostitute, the fisherman, embracing all in his love, calling all to him, the lepers and lawbreakers alike. Jesus the rebel. Not the violent political revolution of a Che Guevara, but an inner rebellion that cuts through the masks and facades of dead morality and tradition. A rebellion against darkness that truly opens blind eyes.

Osho tells us the same stories, the same parables, but with a freshness and life never before tasted, showing us with deft strokes their deeper meaning, their timeless relevance. For the first time we feel the laughter, the passion, the silence, and celebration of Jesus Christ. For the first time we really feel him as both son of man and son of god.

This is one of the greatest stories of human transformation-how Adam becomes Christ, how the unconscious becomes luminous, how the ordinary becomes transformed into the extraordinary, how the worldly becomes suffused with the other-worldly, how matter is transmuted into consciousness.


Religion always deteriorates into morality. Morality is dead religion. Religion is alive morality. They never meet, they cannot meet. Because life and death never meet, light and darkness never meet. But the problem is that they look very alike-the corpse looks very like the living man. Everything is just like when the man was alive: the same face, the same eyes, the same nose, the hair, the body. Just one thing is missing, and that one thing is invisible.

Life is missing, but life is not tangible and not visible. So when a man is dead, he looks as if he is still alive. And with the problem of morality, it becomes more complex.


Osho is the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ he is saying the same things that nobody else has the courage to say.
-Tom Robbins Award-Winning Most Popular American Novelist




The Flute on God's Lips

Come Out of Your Mind

First Be Reconciled

Unless you Create Your Face

Pray to thy father in secret

They Gave him crucifixion

Surrender in Darkness

Live in Eternity

To Receive the Gift of God

Trust is your kingdom of God

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Neither Do I Condemn Thee

Go to the Very End

To the New as The New

Respect and Accept

Ecstacy is Polarities Meeting

An Idea whose time has come

Man is an empty temple

Significance is inner nourishment

Ye Shall Live Also

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