What Happens After Death ?

What Happens After Death ?

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Author: Maulana Ashiq Iiahi
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817435025X


Belief in life after death is an article of Islamic Faith. The prophet Muhammad has directed us to believe in resurrection after death and in the day of Judgement. The Believers have to believe that the life of this world and of all that is in it will come to an end on an appointed day. Everything will be annihilated. That day is called Qiyamah, i. e, the Last Day.

That all the human beings who have lived in the world since it inception will then be restored to life and will be presented before almighty Allah Who will sit in judgement on that day. This is called Hashar (Resurrection).

That the entire record of every man and woman - of all their doings and misdoings -will be presented before Allah for final judgement.




Interval between Death and Resurrection

Honour of the Believer at the time of and After Death
Disgrace of the Infidels
Anxiousness of the Believer for saying Salat (prayer in the Grave)
Believer's Fearlessness in the Grave and Presentation of Heaven to Him
Angels telling the Believers to Sleep like a Bride and pressing of the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites by the Earth
People of Barzakh enquiring from Believers about others
Deeds of the living presented to the people of Barzakh
Graves press the Believers like Mothers pressing heads of their children
The Earth and sky loving the Believer and weeping over his death

Reward of the Sadqa-e Jaria and asking for forgiveness by the children
States and Conditions of Hell
Different Ways of Punishment
States of the Hellish
Resurrection Ground
Different Conditions of the People (On the Day of Resurrection)
Manifestation of the Exalted Position of the Prophet (p b u h)
Rights of Men
Witness to be produced on refusing the confession of guilt
Radiance of Shunk, Pulsirat and Division of Light
Paradise of Allah
Sight of Allah, The Greatest Favour