Authenticated Miracles of Muhammad

Authenticated Miracles of Muhammad

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Author: Badr Azimabadi
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2000/2005
Language: English
Pages: 166
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174350497


Miracles are essentially the Signs of Allah shown to whomsoever He like. The Last Prophet's abiding sign for all time to come is the Quran, each verse of which is termed as sign (Ayat). More than once the Quran itself threw an open challenge to the proud Arab stylists to match it with their own composition in diction and import. But that challenge has remained unaccepted.

Miracles are the signs of Allah, the Exalted. These are beyond human comprehension, experience and observation. These events and incidents transcend this material world of ours. Our spiritual world is kept intact and systematic as this world is regulated under precise laws. As we see night following the day, the sun and the moon moving on their orbits and seasons repeating themselves regularly, so we have in our spiritual world, light and darkness, spring and autumn.

The light of his face, the miraculous effect of his words and the compelling force of his morality, all these were of the nature of miracles and had their due effect, and aided him in attaining the goal set for him, that of propagating Islam successfully. His behaviour and habits were themselves miraculous. The Book entrusted to him, his own spiritual powers, Mi'raaj, etc., were all miraculous.


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