A Chronicle of the Peacocks

A Chronicle of the Peacocks

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Author: Intizar Husain
Alok Bhalla/Vishwamitter Adil
Translator(s): Alok Bhalla / Vishwamitter Adil
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 257
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195671740


The fifteen stories in this volume are all characterized by Intizar Husain's unique understanding of Muslim identity in the Indian subcontinent. Husain draws freely and imaginatively upon the rich narrative traditions of Hindu and Buddhist mythologies to reflect upon religious faith and identity, historical truth and moral delusions, power and the endless failure of reason.

The introduction offers a comprehensive analysis of Husain's craft and emphasizes the strong historical awareness that underpins a genius who, although shadowed by violent experiences, has not been overcome by them. Also included is an interview with the writer, which provides fresh insights into his life and the historic events that produced his work. This collection promises to be of much interest to the general reader of Urdu literature and literary culture and Indian fiction in translation.


Intizar Husain's stories often tread that twilight zone between fable and parable. And the narrative is spun on an oriental loom-reminiscent of A Thousand and One Nights or the Jataka tales, each story becoming an offshoot of the previous one and an embryo of he next tale. And his command over the narrative lies in the fact that never once does the reader feel let down.
-Keki N Daruwalla, The Hindu

Intizar Husain has been fortunate in finding a diligent and sensitive translator in Alok Bhalla (along with the late Vishwamitter Adil).
-Alok Rai, The Book Review




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Partition, Exile and Memories of a Lost Home: An Interview with Intizar Husain by Alok Bhalla