Our Messengers Say

Our Messengers Say

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Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Goodword Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178984229


The lives and struggles of the messengers are abundant in lessons for believers who think and are inclined to learn from them. This book examines how some of Allah's messengers communicated Allah's message to the communities to which they were sent.

The purpose is to remind readers of the moral excellence of these honorable messengers of Allah, and of the sincerity, effort and commitment they displayed in spreading the message, to refresh our respect and love for them and call attention to the importance of the issues they conveyed. Moreover, by remembering what these messengers communicated to their peoples, we are inclined to reconsider our deficiencies and errors and to atone for them.

The life stories of the prophets furnish us today-as much as they did the people who lived in those times-with lessons in faith. In the future too, they will remain a source of guidance. This book calls for believers to see the divine purpose in the stories of the messengers, to ponder over them and to embrace them.



The Prophet Nuh (as)
The Prophet Hud (as)
The Prophet Salih (as)
The Prophet Ibrahim (as)
The Prophet Lut (as)
The Prophet Ya'qub (as)
The Prophet Yusuf (as)
The Prophet Shu'ayb (as)
The Prophet Luqman (as)
The Prophet Musa (as)
The Prophet Harun (as)
The Prophet Dawud (as)
The Prophet Sulayman (as)
The Prophet Isa (as)
The Prophet Muhammad (saas)


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