A Journey Within The Self

A Journey Within The Self

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Author: Deepa Kodikal
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 310
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This diary of yogic revelations will be a beacon to the many seekers of answers to the eternal questions about man and God.

The author takes us along on a gripping adventure .. Of her vibrant inner awakening .. Into the spiritual unknown .. Visionary encounters with rishis, yogis and deities .. Moments of mystical enchantment.

Appreciating the value of such a contemporary, first-person record of inner experiences, the editor Raja Kodikal has made this selection from the author's copious notes.


Editor's Note

Man and God
'Vishwarupa': The universal Form: I
God and the Path
The 'Sadguru'
Dimensions of Knowledge
Experiences: I
'Sadguru' and the Trinity
Five Divine Qualities
The 'Nirvikalpa' State: I
The Divine Communication
Meditation: I
The Inner Voice: I
Meditation: II
'Vishwarupa': The Universal Form: II
True Meditation and 'Sahaja' Samadhi
Inspiration and Creativity
'Avatar' and Me
Shiva and Shakti
Layers of the Mind
One with the Universal
The 'Nirvikalpa' State: II
Vishnu and Laxmi
The 'Nirvikalpa' State: III
Mind as Obstruction
Duality and Non-Duality
'Ananda': Bliss
The Lord and His Creation
On Miracles
Total Permeability, Equilibrium and Bliss
The Compulsion to Write
'Avidya': Ignorance
Samadhi and the Mind
Freedom and the Projected World
Experiences: II
The No-Mind
Living in the present
The Dance of Shiva
The Stopping of the Breath: I
Merging in the Lord
Cellular Awareness and Cellular Transformation
Dreams, Visions and Experience
Death and Immortality
The Inner Force
'Bhakti': Devotion: I
'Aum': Devotion: II
'Bhakti': Devotion: II
'Siddhis': Powers
Enlightenment, 'Maya' and Myself
The Inner Voice: II
'Nirvana' and Worship
The Stopping of the Breath: II
The Inner Silence
The Birth and Death of the Cosmos
Love and 'Bhakti'
Mind and 'Maya'
What is this Force?
'Spanda': A State of Subtle Vibration
God is not the Creator of the Universe
Man and 'Maya'
'Kundalini Shakti': The Inner Force
Experiences: III
The Glowing Self and the Mind
Re-birth and 'Karma'
End of the Beginning
Mind and Body in Spiritual Evolution