Security Beyond Survival

Security Beyond Survival

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Author: P R Kumaraswamy
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 281
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761932682


Since attaining independence, India has traversed a considerable distance in the military and technological arenas. However, the country does not have well-defined secure borders, lacks internal peace and stability, and is yet to attain a cohesive national identity. It is entangled in major or minor territorial problems with most of its neighbours while, on the domestic front, it continues to be plagued by insurgency, terrorism and other forms of political violence. Given this scenario, India's security and its ability to maintain its autonomy and territorial integrity are far from assured.

This volume, a collection of original essays by internationally renowned scholars, provides a wide-ranging examination of important issues relating to India's national security. It discusses strategic and foreign policy issues that lie at the heart of India's security concerns in Today's world order. The topics covered include:

India's transformation from a poor, developing country into a middle-ranking nuclear power and the problems accompanying this trajectory

Its relations with its two nuclear neighbours-China and Pakistan

India's position in a US-dominated world order

Issues of national security and institution-building in India and Pakistan

Nuclear risk-reductions in the South Asian region

Apart from containing valuable insights into security concerns, Security Beyond Survival also offers policy potions for the future. This important and thought-provoking volume will be welcomed by all those interested in India's national security as well as the country's foreign policy and strategic concerns.


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National Security: A Critique
India's Place in a West-Dominated World
Eclipsed Moon to a Rising Sun
National Security Council: Yet Another Ad Hoc Move?
Re-examining the Forward Policy
India and China: Bound to collide?
Pakistan's Security Perspective: Problems of Linearity
Into-Pak track II Diplomacy: Building Peace or Wasting Time?
Nuclear risk Reduction in South Asia

KS: A Select Bibliography
Compiled by Soundarya Chidambaram

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