Mughal Romance

Mughal Romance

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Author: Chob Singh Verma
Publisher: Prakash Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 179
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817234080X


Mughal romance is Mughal history fictionalized. The book is the formidable collection of erotica which in itself is a great revelation. This erotically appealing love treatise is replete with unnerving, and at the same time, entertaining stories which will leave you enraptured and enthralled. It is like a multicoloured tapestry woven thick with liaisons of emperors, princes, queens, princesses and commoners alike, based on the accounts of the contemporary historians, chroniclers and travelers. It is strewn with erotic verses, lyrics, couplets, and Persian and Sanskrit odes, which serves as a golden thread interlacing the tapestry.

The author takes you on a filght to the ethereal regions of romantic escapades, torrid affairs, and lascivious frolics of the sultans of Malwa. The book portrays, in graphic details, the sensual peccadilloes of the bored, restless shrinking violets-the Mughal princess. History is a long and tedious task of recording the toll of human life and the utter devastations wreaked by the sword and the bullet-but this treatise, though in the form of fiction, vividly and fascinatingly records the ruins and havocs left in their wake by love affairs, court intrigues, envies, jealousies, terrible vengeance, etc. A wholly absorbing account of incidents and anecdotes which will quicken the reader’s heartbeats and leave him spellbound.


Babur and Humayun

Paradise Lands


Malwa, Mandu and its Sultans


Shah Jahan


Later Mughals - The Nominal sovereigns of Delhi


Title Names of Principal Slave-Women