Meditative Therapy - Facilitating Inner-Directed Healing

Meditative Therapy - Facilitating Inner-Directed Healing

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Author: Michael L Emmons
Janet Emmons/
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221462


Meditative therapy process begins to lift the veil between the worlds of external and inner reality-for the client and the therapist. Becoming a meditative therapist allows one to witness and to facilitate the unfolding of the client's inner reality-a secret world of unending complexity-which can lead to increased healing and integration.

Meditative Therapy (MT) is an inner-directed, therapeutic approach which facilitates a natural altered state of consciousness, allowing the Inner source to engage in a holistic self-unifying and self-healing process. MT was the term Inner Source to emphasize that a powerful flow of self-healing and self-actualizing wisdom exists within each individual. During MT, the client closes his or her eyes and describes the inner events taking place, including thoughts, feelings, visual images and physical reactions. Within an atmosphere of patient non-interference, the client’s Inner Source unfolds a wide variety of intricate, often beautiful, experiences to facilitate the person’s growth toward wholeness.


A practical and powerful guide to inner-directed healing, a pragmatic and well developed approach to meditative therapy, including case studies and results of client surveys, Meditative Therapy includes a standard procedure, but emphasizes individual and unique responses for discovering and developing the wisdom of the Inner Source, Reading this book is like a deep and comfortable conversation with two wise and helpful guides.
-R Leo Sprinkle, PhD, Counselling Psychologist

This book provides a Timely and important integration of the meditation and psychotherapy methods will open the door for therapists to provide an important and effective alternative to traditional psychotherapies.
-Robert A Mines, PhD CEAP, Psychologist CEO, Mines & Associates, P C.



Introduction to Meditative Therapy
The Process of Meditative Therapy
Paradigm and Perspective
Meditative Therapy, A Holistic Approach
Therapeutic Experiences in Meditative Therapy
Creative Experiences in Meditative Therapy
Helping Clients with Fears and Resistance
Meditative Therapy Outcomes
Facilitating Meditative Therapy: Procedures & Cautions
Enhancing Meditative Therapy
The Holistic Map
Cleaning Cobwebs from My Mind - The Case of Karrie
Roots of Meditative Therapy
Ten Important Points About Meditative Therapy


A. Sample Fear Inventory Items
B. Willoughby Personality Schedule
C. Follow-up of Counseling Form
D. Meditative Therapy Follow-up Questionnaire
E. What Clients Want to Know About Meditative Therapy
F. Consent for Meditative Therapy Treatment
G. Creating Safety and Closure