Karma And Chaos

Karma And Chaos

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Author: Paul R Fleischman
Forrest D Fleischman/
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 147
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221772


The therapeutic benefits of self-awareness have never been more needed than in our complex world today. In eight poetic and inspiring essays Dr Fleischman explores the interface between psychiatry, science and meditation. This book may open your heart to the wellsprings of love and compassion, wisdom and equanimity available to all who develop a deep understanding of the experience of impermanence.

If the Buddha returned to scan the English-speaking world for a spokesperson with the psychological range of an eminent psychiatrist, the descriptive powers of a poet and meditative experience, his eye would certainly fall upon Paul Fleischman. It probes the very heart of the Buddha’s legacy to humanity-self-correction through meditation-and in a language as beautifully precise as it is free of jargon. This is a superb little book, a mature and beautiful flower from one of the post century’s truly important developments: the reseeding of the Buddha’s ancient teaching in a western and global context.
-Philip Novak, PhD, Chairman, Dept of Philosophy and Religion Dominican College; author, wisdom of the World: Sacred texts of the World’s Religions

Dr Fleischman projects his warm understanding and sensitivity into every page. I hope a great many people will read and apply the wisdom in this book: it validates the tranquility that can be found within the human mind, within the human spirit, This small but packed-with-information book will provoke, inspire, and illuminate; of that I have no doubt.
-Dale Salwak, PhD, Professor of English, Citrus College; author, the wonders of Solitude, The Power of Prayer

The source of real beauty and genuine originality in Dr Fleischman’s approach, lies in the clarity of his insight concerning the critical role of mental purification and wholesome intent in living a meaningful life, he speaks not merely from theory, but primarily from the perspective of an experienced practitioner.
-Jeffrey M Schwartz, M D, Associate Research Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine; author, A Return to Innocence



Prologue: Sacred Partnership

Why I Sit

The Therapeutic Action of Vipassana

Healing the Healer

Vipassana Meditation: A Unique Contribution to Mental Health

The Experience of Impermanence

Touchdown Anicca: an Evocation of Meditation in Everyday Life

Karma and Chaos

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