A New Hindustani - English Dictionary

A New Hindustani - English Dictionary

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Author: S W Fallon
Compilor: S W Fallon
Publisher: National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 1216
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


First published in 1879, this reprint edition has several distintive features. The chief features of this work are the prominence given to the spoken and rustic mother tongue of the Hindi speaking peoeople of India; the exhibition, for the first time, of the pure unadulterated language of women; and illustrations given of the use of words by means of examples selected from the every daty speech of the people, and from their poetry, songs, and proverbs, and other folklore.

The wealth of the language is in the spoken tongue; and how rich and expressive that is, those best know who are familiar with the diversified phases of every-day speech of the impressionable and imaginative Oriental. The living utterances of the people are almost absent from our dictionaries. Their place is filled insterad by a great many Arabic, Pwersian, and Sanskrit wsords which are seldom or never used in written or spoken Hindustani.