Divisive Trends in Society - An Analysis

Divisive Trends in Society - An Analysis

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Author: Upendra Vajpeyi
S Prasad/
Publisher: National Media Centre
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 151
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The book is an analysis of the divisive trends in society against the backdrop of the events in Gujarat. Several critical issues were thrown up. Indian psyche was singed as never before. It is disturbing, but carries a message of hope for the future. The analysis is objective and constructive. The writers have not tried to gloss over facts which might prejudice an over-all appreciation of the issues. They are integral to national solidarity and progress.



Editor's Note

Law and Liberty
Alarm Signals: Absence of Accountability
Adverse Media Trends
Global Vicissitudes
Role of Caste and Religion
The TRP Trap
Empowering the People
Danger of Divisive Trends in Indian Society
Primacy of Rule of Law
Challenge to Fundamental Rights in Gujarat
Facts and Fears in Gujarat
Power Sans Goals
The Big Gender Divide
Role of NGOs
Choice of Tactics
Erosion of Basic Values
Sex-based Discrimination
Crisis of Identity
Aspects of Divisiveness
Unity through Mass Media