The Art of Puppetry - 2 Volume Pack

The Art of Puppetry - 2 Volume Pack

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Author: A Collection
Publisher: Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
Year: 2001
Language: multilingual
Pages: 0
ISBN/UPC (if available): B003DXMEAK


Volume-1 & 2

A variety of innovations in puppetry in different parts of the world have resulted in professional puppet theatre groups performing on international forums. Puppets can be broadly classified into four categories based on the mode of manipulation. These are marionettes, shadow puppets, rod puppets and glove puppets. Finger and first puppets, humanettes and water puppets are also some of the popular forms of puppetry today.

In modern times, educationists all over the world have realized the potential of puppetry as a medium for communication. Many institutions and individual in India are involving students and teachers in the use of puppetry for communicating educational concepts.

Stories adapted from puranic literature, local myths and legends usually form the content of traditional puppet theatre in India which, in turn, imbibes elements of all creative expressions like painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama, etc. The presentation of puppet programmes involves the creative efforts of many people working together.

Almost all types of puppets are found in India. Puppetry throughout the ages has held an important place in traditional entertainment. Like traditional theatre, themes for puppet theatre are mostly based on epics and legends. Puppets from different parts of the country have their own identity. Regional styles of Painting and sculpture are reflected in them.

1. Glove Puppets
2. String Puppets
3. Rod Puppets
4. Shadow Puppets



1. Glove Puppet, Pavakathakali, Kerala
2. Krishna and Duryodhana, Pavakathakali, Kerala
3. Panchali, Pavakathakali, Kerala
4. Duryodhana, Pavakoothu (Kathakali), Kerala
5. Bhima, Pavakoothu (Kathakali), Kerala
6. Rama, Tholpavakoothu, Kerala
7. Sita, Tholpavakoothu, Kerala
8. Ravana, Tholpavakoothu, Kerala
9. Siva, Tholpavakoothu, Kerala
10. Manipulation, Tholpavakoothu, Kerala
11. Hanuman, Togalu Gombeyatta, Karnataka
12. Ganesh, Togalu Gombeyatta, Karnataka
13.Ravana, Togalu Gombeyatta, Karnataka
14.Ravana and Sita, Togalu Gombeyatta, Karnataka
15.Rama, Vibhishana and Hanuman, Tholu Bommalatta, Andhra Pradesh
16.Sita and Lakshmana, Tholu Bommalatta, Andhra Pradesh
17.Ravana, Sita and Hanuman, Tholu Bommalatta, Andhra Pradesh
18.Manipulation, Tholu Bommalatta, Andhra Pradesh
19.Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, Ravanachhaya, Orissa
20.Ravana and Sita, Ravanachhaya, Orissa
21.Ravana and Sita, Ravanachhaya, Orissa
22.Bali and Sugriva, Ravanachhaya, Orissa
23.Hanuman, Ravanachhaya, Orissa
24.Manipulation, Ravanachhaya, Orissa


1.String Puppet, Kathputli, Rajasthan
2.Snake Charmer, Kathputli, Rajasthan
3.Amar Singh Rathore with his courtiers, Kathputli, Rajasthan
4.Court Dancer, Kathputli, Rajasthan
5.Manipulation, Kathputli, Rajasthan
6.Krishna, Gombeyatta, Karnataka
7.Arjuna, Gombeyatta, Karntaka
8.Krishna and Arjuna, Gombeyatta, Karnataka
9.Bhima, Gombeyatta, Karnataka
10.Ravana, Gombeyatta, Karnataka
11.Ravana’s Court, Gombeyatta, Karnataka
12.Manipulation, Gombeyatta, Karnataka
13.Dancer, Bommalattam, Tamil Nadu
14.Manipulation, Bommalattam, Tamil Nadu
15.Draupadi, Bommalatta, Andhra Pradesh
16.Krishna, Sakhi-Kundhei, Orissa
17.Radha, Sakhi-Kundhei, Orissa
18.Rama and Lakshmana, Putul Nautch, West Bengal
19.Ravana, Rutul Nautch, West Bengal
20.Dancer, Putul Nautch, West Bengal
21.Manipulation, Putul Nautch, West Bengal
22.Man riding a horse, Yampuri, Bihar
23.Mother and Zamindar, Tarer Putul Nautch, West Bengal
24.Manipulation, Tarer Putul Nautch, West Bengal