Gendered Space - Anthology of Stories

Gendered Space - Anthology of Stories

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Author: A Selection
Editor(s): Jehanara Wasi & Alka Tyagi
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 219
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818857533X


These stories, translated from stories written in major Indian languages, give us a glimpse into lives of our women, cutting through class and caste. The stories reflect different ways women see themselves or are regarded by others: as essentially female; as rebellious, resisting the norms of patriarchal society; as victims of social injustice and religious bigotry. They bring into open the struggles and aspirations of women.

The short stories in the present selection are also life-fragments which leave an enduring impact on the subject and his/her surroundings. These stories which are translated from stories written in major Indian languages not only provide a glimpse into Indian women's experience, they also indicate the fine tapestry of expression woven out of these experiences by writers writing in regional languages.


Fish Out of Water
The Dorsal Eye
Beyond the Blind Alley
A Girl Called Stella
The Saint and the Witch
Didn't I Know It!
Let's Ask the Psychologist
Satyakaam and Jaabaali
Kokila Mahari
The Deadline
The Whip
A Deer in the forest
The Profession