The Indian Mutiny : 1857 - 58   Volume IV

The Indian Mutiny : 1857 - 58 Volume IV

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Author: G W Forrest
Editor(s): G W Forrest
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 560
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175363096


The first volume of the Selections from the Letters, Despatches and other State Papers in the Military Department of the Government of India, contained the documents from the first outbreak of disaffection to the siege and storming of Delhi by the English troops. The second and third volumes contained in a similar form all papers relating to the mutiny at Lucknow and the defence of the Residency by the garrison; General Havelock's march from Allahabad and the first relief of Lucknow; General Outram's defence of LucknowSir Colin Campbell's relief of Lucknow in November 1857; General Outram's defence of the Alumbagh; General Windham's defence of Cawnpore; Sir Colin Campbell's storming and capture of Lucknow; all documents relating to the outbreak at Cawnpore, the defence of the intrenchment, and the massacre of the survivors.

The present volume contains in a similar form all papers relating to Sir High Rose's campagin in Central India from the capture of Rathghur and the action at Barodea to the seige and storming of Jhansi, 3rd April 1858; all the documents detailing the operations attending the capture of Calpee on the 24th May 1858; all the despatches and reports relating to the Gwalior operations, from the march from Calpee on the 6th June to the capture of the Rock of Gwalior, held to be one of the strongest and most important fortresses in India.

The sources of this narrative as in the previous volumes are state documents but the introduction has no official character or authority.


Introduction From Page 1 to 172

The Indian Mutiny - Central India From Pages 1 to 177
Chapter I - Jhansi
Chapter II - Calpee
Chapter III - Gwalior

Appendix A to G Pages i to cxix (119 Pages)

A: Mutiny at Jhansie Captain P G Scot's Report
B: Mutiny at Nowgong - Captain Scot's statement
C: Brigadier Ramsay to the Agent to the Governor-General for Central India, Gwalior, May 30 1857
D: Mutiny at Mhow
E: Brigadier Stewart, Commanding Malwa Field Force to the Adjutant General of the Bombay Army, Camp Mundesore, November 27th, 1857
F: General Orders by the Right Hon'ble the Governor General of India
G: No: 160 of 1859

Index From page i to lxxvii (pages 77)