Sexuality in the Time of AIDS - Contemporary Perspectives from Communities in India

Sexuality in the Time of AIDS - Contemporary Perspectives from Communities in India

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): Ravi K Verma/Pertti J Pelto/Stephen Schensul/et al
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 431
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761998055


India is firmly in the grip of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and it is believed that the numbers of those infected far outstrip available estimates. Even though the epidemic is primarily transmitted through sexual contact, there is as yet little awareness of sexual mores in the country. This, in turn, inhibits the development of effective interventions to halt the spread of the virus. This book contributes greatly to our understanding of contemporary sexual behavior and sexual attitudes in both rural and urban India and in different strata of society, including adolescent girls, sex workers (male and female), college students and slum dwellers.

Presenting case studies from around the country, the original essays in this book identify the contextual, cultural and social factors that contribute to the risk of infection. They cover three broad areas:

An overview of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India and the response of both the government and the public.

Perspectives from diverse communities concerning premarital, marital and extramarital sexuality.

Lessons learned at the national level in terms of research methodology and in the development of
new approaches to HIV/AIDS.

Overall, the book stresses the need to view sexuality and risk in a broad cultural and social context, as also emphasizes the need to learn directly from the community in order to develop innovative programmers.

With its unique blend of qualitative and quantitative information and its emphasis on the need to develop practical intervention programmers based on a frank understanding of sexual behaviours and attitudes, this book will be of immense use to a wide audience. This includes public health professionals, activists and NGOs, as also researchers, policy-makers and educators involved with HIV/AIDS and sex education.


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Foreword by J V R Prasada Rao



Introduction: The Time of AIDS in India

Premarital Sexuality

Marital and Extramarital Sexuality

Sexual Problems and Prevention

Lessons Learned

References and Select Bibliography

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