Gods on Trial and Other Stories

Gods on Trial and Other Stories

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Author: Gulzar Singh Sandhu
Translator(s): Khushwant Singh/ Manmohan Singh/ D R Goyal
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128808087


There are no fairies, no demons, no gods and goddesses in this world into which the writer of these stories takes the reader. Nor are there any heroes, villains or vamps. No knights in shining armor are seen here in action to rescue damsels in distress. It is the work-a-day world of you and me where characters and events and even settings are such as are part of our daily experience.

The question arises if it is only a picture of our mundane existence, to overcome whose boredom we turn to a story, whey waste time over these stories? Once you read a story from this collection, you would know the reason why pending time over them is worthwhile; you will realize that the manner of storytelling can be a major attraction, and more, if the pleasure it provides brings something more as bonus.

Gulzar Singh Sandhu's narratives do not show him as a news reporter who presents bare bones of an incident or episode. Is narrative is alive, giving you the impression that a character or incident is not hanging alone like a skeleton in a laboratory cupboard. Even when the episode concerns an individual it carries al the sights and sounds of a peopled world. The fate of one person is symbolic of the whole class of people. The people of this world are townsmen with intimate links with their rural roots. And that incidentally is the condition of majority of the people living in gradually urbanizing India.


To be mother, to be wife
Gods on Trial
An Eternal Wound
Brick by Brick
Devil's Horns
Return of the Native
The Warm West
Moment of Martyrdom
A Loot
The Debt
The Last Laugh
The Prize
One's Own Transport
The Bondage
In Good Old Days
Immortal Story
God For God
Frozen Fingers
Ravana's Daughter
They Know Not
A Chicken Claw