Intelligence Imperatives for India

Intelligence Imperatives for India

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Author: D C Nath
Publisher: India First Foundation
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189072048


The Business of Intelligence conjures up images of mysterious, perilous activity, shrouded in secrecy, deception and high politics. But only a few can lay claim to knowing its inner workings or dangers. Fewer yet are aware of the back-breaking monotony of sifting through masses of reports to unearth that one vital clue that makes the tapestry of an analysis invaluable to policy makers, diplomats, political leaders, scientists, the media and hundreds of other actors who may not even be remotely aware of being recipients of intelligence inputs. The author has bright out in a lucid style the various facets of the fast changing security environment and the role of intelligence in taking suitable measures to protect national interest.


I have no doubt that this book would be useful for experts as well as students of national security.
-K C Pant


Indian civilisational stream was impeded for several centuries. It struggled and survived through tornado of Islamic and Imperial invasion, which blew other civilizations to smithereens. Efforts to revitalize, revive and reassert this great civilization and restore the continuity were made by Rishis, Mahatmas and intellectuals of this ancient land for over a century, which accelerated the process and led the road to freedom. Unfortunately, the ideal of Ram Rajya set by Mahatma Gandhi, which provided the ideological basis of our freedom, became anathema to the post independent polity, politicians, intellectuals and establishments. Even the goal of the Ram Rajya came to be regarded as narrow, sectarian, communal and even dangerous.

As Swamy Vivekananda said, it is given to the Hindus by destiny to discover the idea of Universal validity of all faiths and ways of life and share it with the rest of the world. This inclusive idea, which validates all Gods, faiths, peoples and way of life, is the ultimate destination of the journey of humanity and the final guarantee for global and national peace. It is in this context and with this background and purpose, some intellectual kshatriyas have come together to launch one more humble effort through India First Foundation.


India's Destiny
Vision for India
Challenges in the Process: External Factors
Internal Security Perspective
Security and Internal Economy
Internal Security Mechanism
Nuclear Dynamics: India's Vulnerability
Terrorism: Indian Perspective
Maritime Security: Indian Perspective
Science and Technology in Security and Intelligence