Two Score and Ten - My Experiences in Government

Two Score and Ten - My Experiences in Government

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Author: G V Ramakrishna
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 370
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171883397


Rarely does a civil servant have such a wide variety of assignments over a period of fifty years, that include key posts offered, after retirement, by four different Prime Ministers. Even more rare is to find an officer who has acted so independently and come out unscathed. This is the story of G V Ramakrishna, who held some of the sensitive and high profile jobs in the last twenty years of his service.

Well known as the redoubtable Chairman of SEBI, he was a crusader for protecting the interests of the small investor. He took strong measures to ban badla.

As the first Chairman of the Disinvestment Commission he charted the road map for successful disinvestments.

He was the only one to have successfully thwarted Quarttrochi in his efforts to grab a major project. Throughout his career G V Ramakrishna has upheld the best traditions of his service and has been acknowledged as the role model for others.

In this book, Ramakrishna provides a first hand account of how Government functioned at high levels in the States and at the Centre. The subtle methods of utilizing Government institutions for unconstitutional, political and bureaucratic ends, have been brought out with modesty and sensitivity.

In a rather unusual style, the book employs multiple elements of presentation. An easy-read narrative (born out of the autobiographical impulse of a senior bureaucrat turned author) is well supported by extensive references, relevant media clippings and other anexures. This is followed by a select set of articles on varied themes of general and current interest, where Ramakrishna does not hesitate to voice his views on some interesting and debatable issues. Plus, interspersed with the text are pictures, cartoons and photographs from the author's personal collection-all of which contribute towards making the book truly worth possessing.

Concerned citizens, civil servants, students and the faculties of institutions, will find this book of absorbing interest.


The scam of 1992
The HBJ Pipeline
The Enron Imbroglio
The Oman Gas Pipeline
Disinvestments Issues
Relations between Politicians
and Civil Servants
Coalition Governments and hung parliaments


For half a century after Independence, G V has stood tall among the administrators, contributing with remarkable foresight, determination and staunch ethics to the development and consolidation of the polity. He held varied assignments and in each one of them left an imprint of efficiency and commitment. His crowning achievement was the establishment of SEBI for the regulation of the chaotic stock markets and the protection of investors. He has written an attractive and compelling account of his experiences.
Formerly: Lieutenant Governor, Delhi; Secretary

The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) has very few officers, who can match the richness and wide range of experience which Shri G V Ramakrishna had in the field of economic administration. His stint at various levels of responsibility, have earned for him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most successful economic administrators produced by the IAS.

Two Score and Ten Provides valuable insights to the process of decision making at senior levels in the government. It is an outstanding contribution by one of the most brilliant members of the Administrative Service and I am sure it will prove to be very interesting to the readers and particularly valuable to the new generation of civil servants in our country.
-P C Alexander

At any time, the reminiscences of an expert with fifty years of varied professional service would be absorbing reading. In the case of Shri Ramakrishna, instead of seeking cheap popularity by criticizing others, the author concentrates on the competent way many of the people he worked with tackled difficult issues. There is much in this book that the reader can learn about problem-solving.
-P V Indiresan





Early Days
Finance Ministry
Coal and Energy
Andhra Pradesh
Petroleum Ministry
Tamil Nadu
Planning Commission
Disinvestment Commission
Construction Industry Development Council


Why Not Kill the Cow?
The Solution to the Problem of Hung Parliaments
A Tale of Two Friends
The Civil Servant in a Deregulated Economy
Scheme for Women's Welfare
The Truth about CNG
New Dimensions in Disinvestment
The Zero Sum Game

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