Environment and the Left - Contemporry Debates and Future Agendas in Tribal Areas

Environment and the Left - Contemporry Debates and Future Agendas in Tribal Areas

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Author: Archana Prasad
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187496444


The Left movement and the environmental movement comprise two ends of the progressive spectrum of the Indian polity. While the environmental movement has highlighted issues of tradition and economic and ecological security, the Left has stressed the need for the vision for a modern, but non-capitalist path of development.

Drawing on her experience in tribal central India, scholar and activist Archana Prasad analyses these issues and attempts to highlight the ways in which the common ideological ground between the Indian environmental movements and the Left can be strengthened.

What is the ideology of the environmentalist movement?

Is the Left's insistence on a classbased approach to the land question valid for tribals?

Is shifting or jhum cultivation practiced by several tribal communities compatible with ecologically-sustainable development?

What is the role of joint forest management and non-timber forest produce in sustaining tribal livelihoods?

What has been the Left's position vis-à-vis the Narmada movement?

What is the record of Left governments on tribal rights?

Can modern science and technology help build an egalitarian, non-capitalist tribal society?

Can the Left movement and the environment movement come together to fight neoliberal globalization?




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