Sikhism - A Comparative Study of its Theology and Mysticism

Sikhism - A Comparative Study of its Theology and Mysticism

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Author: Daljeet Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 1998
Language: multilingual
Pages: 378
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172051123


The fundamentals and the doctrines of the Sikh religion and its world-view have clearly and completely been embodied in the Guru Granth. Further, the Ten Masters (the Sikh Gurus) have in their lives, apart from demonstrating the principles of their religion, shown and led the path of the ideal life. Among the scriptures of the world, the Guru Granth has two singular distinctions. It is the only scripture that has the world of the Gurus compiled and authenticated by the prophet himself.

Sikhism does not believe in any of these paths, Nor does it believe that there can be different paths for the ideal life; nor that the mode of religious worship or belief can be attuned to the temperament or the psyche of the seeker. The Sikh Gurus have laid only one path for man. It is the life of creative love in accordance with the will of God. Therefore, persons viewing Sikhism as growth of the Indian religious tradition will not only fail to understand it, but also misinterpret it. According to the Gurus they had a prophetic message to deliver and a mission to fulfill.

The object of the book is two-fold: first to explain the identity, unity and integrity of the Sikh gospel, and secondly undertake, on the basis of the essentials of each system, a classification of the principal religions of the world and, in that context, to bring out the lace of Sikhism among them.




Definition and Classification
Indian Dualistic Religions
Vedic System
Upanisadic System
Christianity and Christian Mystics
Islam and Sufism
The Redical Bhakti School
Modern Hindu Mysticism


The Idea of God
The Metaphysical View
The World
The Concept of Haumen
Goal and Gurmukh
Guru's Prophetic Communion with God
The Discipline
The Khands
Mystic Immortality
The Lives of Gurus
A Sikh Mystic


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