Community Kitchen of the Sikhs

Community Kitchen of the Sikhs

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Author: Parkash Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172050992


Sangat (the Holy communion) and Pangat (the community kitchen) are two outstanding institutions that Sikhism provides its followers for the corporate practice of religion. Sangat is the Temple of Nam (the Holy Name) and pangat is the temple of Bread.

The Langar, which is how the pangat is more popularly known, is a institution where divinely inspired service of mankind is practiced unremittantly. Day and night the great Yajna of service goes on. Hundreds of devotees can be seen engaged in cooking, serving, dish-washing, cleaning the utensils and tidying the dining premises. Multitudes are fed in the Sikh langars everyday. This marvellous institution is a means to ensure that non would go hungry in the Kingdom of God.

The history, philosophy and the working of this institution in all the places where the Sikh Communities reside, merits the notice by all other communities. It is a gift of the Sikh Gurus not to the Sikhs alone, but to the entire world.



Discipline of Service
The Institution of Langar
Sangat and Pangat
Guru Nanak's Charity and the Free Kitchen
Guru Angad and the Langar
Guru Amar Das and the Institution of Langar
Langar at Ramdaspura
Guru Arjan and the Free Kitchen
Langar and Guru Hargobind
Langar at Kiratpur
The Young Guru and the Free Kitchen
Langar at Anandpur
Guru Gobind Singh and Deg Tegh Fateh

APPENDIX: The Institution of Karah Prashad

General Index