Sikh Religion And Culture

Sikh Religion And Culture

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Author: Dewan Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 103
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817205209X


This book of essays as its title shows deals primarily with subjects related to Sikh religion and culture. The first four essays form one unit in as much as they delineate the perennial and modern issues facing Sikhism since its inception over five hundred years ago. Some of these have been constantly under focus during the present era and are being hotly discussed by the Sikh society in general and as burning issues, in the political circles.

Sikh religion is not so hard to understand as it is to follow. The Sikh path is beset with trials and tribulations, as is evident from its over five-centuries-old history. In simple words, Sikhism means what a Sikh (who literally means a disciple) professes and acts upon in daily life.



Sikh Religion and Culture
Sikh Symbols and Identity
Spiritual Basis of Sikhism
Sikh View of Ethics and Morality
Guru Nanak and the Concept of Nam
Guru Ram Das: Founder of Amritsar
Shaikh Farid: The Great Sufi Saint
Ranjit Singh and His Secular Rule
Foreign Writers on Ranjit Singh and His Court
Bhai Vir Singh: The Great Sikh Biographer
Bhai Vir Singh and His Religious Impact
Khalsa College: A Living Symbol of Sikh Culture
Khalsa College: Past and Present
Modern Education and the Sikhs