Draupadi       (Novel in HINDI)

Draupadi (Novel in HINDI)

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Author: Pratibha Ray
Publisher: Rajpal
Year: 2010
Language: Hindi
Pages: 263
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170284703


Strange as it may appear, Draupadi, the most accomplished heroin of Mahabharata happens to be the most suffering, sacrificing and yet the most misunderstood character, counted among the five supremely virtuous women, honored as 'Pancha Sati'. In mythology, the name Darupadi still bears sigma and is often contemptuously uttered by people in society.

Pratibha Ray makes a determined effort for a portrayal of the epic character and brings to the surface the broader and deeper aspects of Draupadi's mind that lay submerged in the majestic sweep of the grand Mahabharata.

Pratibha Ray has written a brilliant novel around the fascinating character of Draupadi. In the novel Draupadi not only remains anchored in the epic but also rises out of its pages to become our contemporary and extremely relevant to our times.