The Harmonium Handbook -  The Devotional Instrument of India

The Harmonium Handbook - The Devotional Instrument of India

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Author: Satyaki Kraig Brockschmidt
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 155
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178222132


The book provides detailed instruction in how to play, maintain, and repair this popular devotional instrument. It also reveals the colorful history of free-reed instruments such as the harmonium, which dates back to the time of Marco Polo. The story behind the modern version of the harmonium is a fascinating testimony to the love, skill, innovation, and intermingling of many of the world's great cultures. The book reveals:

The History of the Indian harmonium, from Ancient China to Europe and America

The essentials of owning and caring for Indian harmoniums, helping them give many years of service.

How to play the harmonium in a variety of styles, from the simple to the complex, including single-note melody, melody with a drone, chords, and other more advanced methods (a complete appendix of chords and chord inversions is provided)

How to explore the inner realms of the instrument and perform a variety of adjustments and corrections, including how to tune a harmonium's individual brass reeds.

In The Harmonium Handbook, the author offers in written form the love of his heart and the depth of his experience as both musician and technician.


A Short History of the Indian Harmonium

To Know and Love Your Harmonium: A User's Guide

Playing the Indian Harmonium

The Inner Realms

Adjustments, Corrections, and Tuning

Air Stops, Drones, and Tremolo Knobs for Select Bina Harmoniums

Chords and Chord Inversions

Tuning Sheets